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The Mountain West Football League was formed with the philosophy of sportsmanship, camaraderie, fun, competition and the opportunity to just play football. The league will continue to offer football to young players, average players, good players as well as star players over 18 years of age.


The Mountain West Football League will govern itself through a Managing Board comprised of owners of current teams and shall have equal and fair representation. The Managing Board will be governed by a Commissioner and State Representatives. The Managing Board as well as the league staff shall always support the principles of the MWFL and its Constitution. Each member of this hierarchy shall work to instill these principles in any player or person affiliated with the MWFL The Mountain West Football League is open to any team  that chooses to participate, agrees to abide by its Constitution and is voted into the league by its current Managing Board.


While also providing football, the MWFL will strive to bring a positive experience to any and all communities it represents. The Mountain West Football League, its staff, its players, its owners and anyone affiliated with the league shall provide low-cost entertainment in the form of a community team that area residents can support and take pride in. Each team and player will participate knowing that it is their responsibility to serve as positive role models for the youth and young players in the great states they represent. The MWFL members know that every action must be with the MWFL in mind and be with an unwavering loyalty to build these fundamentals into our moral thread.


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