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As told by Jaye Webster


The Mountain West Football League (MWFL) was established in the Spring of 2022 being represented by four states, (Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Utah). The league was formed by myself (Commissioner) and Mike Jensen (President). As the former Commissioner and Co-Commissioner of the Rocky Mountain Football League, we saw ourselves as facilitators of adult football in the Mountain West region. With our experience, vision and a well-written Constitution, we saw the possibilities of league growth, expansion and longevity. However, our current focus is not necessarily to expand, make money or even grow in reputation. Our current goal is to simply provide an opportunity for local area football players to continue their careers, or in some situations, begin careers in the greater Rocky Mountain area. We are willing to sacrifice quantity of teams and the size of the league to ensure we have a cohesive and good group of owners and teams. 

We saw our share of obstacles in our inaugural season but with a great group of Owners and General Managers. we were able to survive and establish a positive blueprint for years to come. We had a lot of great games and saw some good football being played. The Idaho Mustangs and Wasatch Revolution proved their national dominance and made it to the Legends Division Championship game. The Mustangs came out victorious in what was to be both of the teams' last games. The East Idaho Wolfpack showed their progress and won the Leaders Division Championship over the Battle Born Gunnars.

We look forward to our second season and intend to implement new ideas and ways to create a long-term league for players, friends and fans to enjoy for years to come.

Thank you for reading.

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