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The Treasure Valley Invaders were founded in 2014 by Will Mello and Pedro Rodriguez, III. The INVADERS began planning and development in 2015. Originally starting in the Boise/Meridian area but later expanding as far as Wilder, Idaho. Wilder, Idaho became the newly appointed home of the INVADERS in 2021 in partnership with Wilder High School and the city of Wilder. The founders of the INVADERS both started as members of a semi pro football team. They both shared an undying passion for football and a similar vision. They felt that our communities were going without support, education, and advocacy. They loved performing on game days for their fans, but always felt like they could do more. That is when they agreed to start this organization. This organization is truly about empowering Communities. Originally
named the Treasure Valley Invaders Football Team. This was in part to being
predominately only an adult football organization. The organization later decided to remove the word FOOTBALL TEAM and be known as the TREASURE VALLEY INVADERS ORGANIZATION. This was due to the organization having expanded to the development of other teams in other sports. The INVADERS founded a youth football team (flag and tackle), a
girls’ ASA Travel, softball team, adult men baseball, and ladies flag football. Our Mission and goal is to empower the community throughout our beautiful state of Idaho and within the Pacific Northwest. We aren’t just a sport organization. Our organization truly delivers life coaching, support, and love to all those we encounter. The Invaders have The Trademarked Philosophy that is our Foundation. It is called HEART, DEDICATION, and DISCIPLINE (H.D.D.). This Philosophy has reached many communities, schools,
outreach programs, mental health facilities, Department of Corrections, and many other sports and programs. Our philosophy is not just for sports but for everyday life. “As long as you have Heart, Dedication, and Discipline you can achieve anything and find success in life”, Will Mello. That being said, our INVADERS men are honored to be a part of The MWFL. Our Team consists of veterans and new talent that looks forward to putting our love and passion on display in the upcoming season. We are excited to welcome fans from near and far, our opponents, and their fanbases, while demonstrating sportsmanship and entertainment for the community.
God Bless.
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